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Kocke klub

Kocke klub

Kocke klub
Kocke klub
What is KockeFest?

The name "KockeFest" is Slovenian name for "BrickFest" (Slovenian LUG event) and is an exhibition of Kocke klub where its members present their creations.

KockeFest is promoted as a LEGO workshop and LEGO creations exhibition but it offers much more to Slovenian LEGO fans:
• LEGO MOC exhibition (MOC = My Own Creation)
• LEGO MOD exhibition (MOD = My Own Modification)
• LEGO OOB exhibition (OOB = Out Of Box)
• Layouts built from MOCs, MODs and OOBs in various LEGO themes (Castle, City and Train, Friends, Pirates, Technic, Duplo…)
• Presentations of Mindstorms NXT robotics using GBC modules
• LEGO track for RC or wired LEGO vehicles
• Playing corner where young LEGO fans can build their own creations
• LEGO bazaar selling used LEGO parts and sets
• Kocke klub corner offering all the information about the club
• Tips about building with bricks, where to buy LEGO in Slovenia and abroad, etc.
• A special Kocke klub raffle with every ticket winning a prize
KockeFest was the first event specializing in exhibiting LEGO creations in Slovenia, and as such has gained the attention of Slovenian LEGO fans.
Kocke klub
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Kocke klub
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