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Kocke klub
Kocke klub
About Kocke klub
The name "Kocke klub" is Slovenian name for "Brick Club" (Slovenian LUG). 
Kocke klub was established in 2008 to bring all Slovenian LEGO fans together.
What Kocke klub has to offer?
A KKU card - Kocke klub members have discounts and benefits provided by our sponsors
A free forum to post your own LEGO creations, present new LEGO sets, ask for building advice, read new information about LEGO and much more...
Prize winning contests - a little effort and some luck is needed to win useful LEGO prizes
Club meetings take place throughout the year and are advertised on the forum. At these meetings, up-to-date information is discussed, our LEGO creations are presented and new ideas, goals and future projects are debated.
The work and activities of Kocke Klub
Kocke Klub was established in March 2008 and since then we succeeded in: 
• attracting sponsors offering discounts and benefits to our members
•setting up a forum where many LEGO creations, sets, information and interesting things about LEGO are discussed
• participating in and successfully enrolling into the LEGO ambassador programs 2008/2009, 2009/2010, 2010/2011, 2011/2012, 2012/2013
• organizing the first Slovenian LEGO workshop and exhibition with many different LEGO creations being presented. The event named KockeFest is now traditionally organized twice a year, in spring and in autumn in Ljubljana.
• joining many active Kocke klub members whose unselfish and voluntary participation contributes to the existence of Kocke klub. These members help to promote Kocke klub also outside the forum community by publishing articles on web pages and in magazines.
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Kocke klub
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Kocke klub
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